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AL Aluminum
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Ba Barium

Birch sap - is the woody elixir of life. It nourishes the birch throughout its existence, filling it with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its rich composition, juice is beneficial for everyone who drinks it. Birch sap is harmless to people with diabetes, and moreover is very healthy for pregnant and lactating mothers.

has an anti-inflammatory effect

facilitates the cleaning process of the body from toxins

stimulates revitalization process

Woody juice – woody juice is an extremely healthy and tasty birch sap with the obvious benefit.


  • Cherry juice (120 ml.)
  • Birch juice (60 ml.)
  • Mint syrup (20 ml.)
  • Fruits
How to make:

Add all the ingredients to the glass with blended ice, garnish with the canned or iced fruits.

  • Tomato juice (100 ml.)
  • Birch juice (80 ml.)
  • Mint syrup (20 ml.)
  • Lemon
How to make:

Add all the ingredients to the glass without mixing. Serve with the ice cubes and garnished with the lemon wheel.

Raspberry Birch
  • Raspberry vodka (40 ml.)
  • Birch juice (20 ml.)
  • cloudberry liquor (20 ml.)
  • Fresh berries
How to make:

Mix all the ingredients in the shaker then pour into Poco Grande glass with adding fresh raspberry or strawberry . Serve the cocktail garnished by fresh berries and on a birch cut.

Mandarin mood
  • Birch juice (200 ml.)
  • Mandarin (1 pcs)
  • Mint leaves
How to make:

Mandarin should be peeled and divided on parts. Leave the smallest part for decoration and it can be cut into smaller pieces. The rest bigger parts should be squeeze through the mesh until you get the pure tangerine juice. Pour birch sap into a cocktail glass, add some torn mint leaves and tangerine juice. Garnish with a slice of mandarin.

  • Gin (150 ml.)
  • Cordial (150ml.)
  • Birch juice (100 ml.)
  • Lemonade (40ml.)
  • Mint leaves, plum
How to make:

Put some ice cubes into a shaker, pour in gin then cordial and birch sap. Shake well. Pour the cocktail into two tall glasses. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and cutted plums. Before serving add some lemonade into each glass.

Birch Mojito
  • Birch juice (150 ml.)
  • Honey (1 tea spoon)
  • Lime (0,5 pcs)
  • Mint Leaves
How to make:

Put Mint leaves proportionally in the glasses. Add honey, lemon juice, lemon slices and ice. Stir and mix mint with lime . Pour in birch sap. Garnish with a lemon slice.

White Dog Rose
  • Ice cream (50 g.)
  • Birch juice (100 ml.)
  • Dog Rose syrup (2 table spoons)
  • Forest Berries
  • Mint Leaves
How to make:

Garnish the glass with sugar rim. Mix all the ingredients in a blender, carefully pour the cocktail into glasses , try not to damage the rim. Garnish the by any wild berries and mint leaves.

Birchy \Woody
  • Ice cream (100 g.)
  • Birch juice (200 ml.)
  • Strawberry syrup (4 table spoons)
  • Fresh strawberry
How to make:

Blend 50 g of ice cream, strawberry syrup and birch sap in a blender for 1-2 minutes until foamed. Pour the cocktail into a glass, put rest 50 g of ice cream on the top and it's ready to serve immediately. Garnish with fresh strawberries

  • Cherry juice (120 ml.)
  • Birch juice (60 ml.)
  • Mint syrup (20 ml.)
  • Fruits
How to make:

Add all the ingredients to the glass with blended ice, garnish with the canned or iced fruits.

Dear friends!

We are trying to make our world to be Healthier, Kinder and Better

By producing the WOODY Birch juice we restore the overall production and create additional jobs opportunities!

But the most important aspect - helping WOODY - YOU HELP OTHERS!
We transfer the certain percentage from every sold can to CHARITY FUNDS!

Project participants:

    Тихон Изотов

    Антон Меркуров

    Тереза Олехнович

    Олег Елисеев

    Матвей Жуковский

    Инна Дивная

    Евгения Самсанович

    Светлана Гришина

    Тимофей Ларионов

    Анастасия Неустроева

    Кирилл Колчин

    Ирина Шахова

    Мария Потемкина

    Ирина Коконова

  • Анна Смирнова

Our Products

Сочные стаканы
Juicy Glasses

The right juice, you need to drink from the right glasses!
1 handmade glass specially created for juice WOODY.
I'm waiting for your design ideas and suggestions as every glass in hand painted by myself.

Price: 500 rub
Подставки под чашку
Cup coasters

Your cup should feel comfortable)
Set of 4 coasters - for you and your tableware :-)

Price: 600 rub
Березовый подсвечник
Birch Candlestick

Birch candlestick will make your evening be lighter and perfectly fit into the interior. A piece of nature at your home :-)

Price: 1000 rub
Керамическая чашка из натуральной берёзы
Ceramic cup made of natural birch :-)

During long winter evenings, this unique cup will reminder you the spring time when warms fulfills our life...

Price: 1000 rub
Берёзовый горшок
Birchy pot

Birch is not only a cozy place for sap, but also very comfortable zone to any other plant!

Price: 1200 rub
Береста. Набор из 3х картин
Birch Bark. Collage of 3 masterpieces

Handmade Birchy Collage that can be perfectly matched with the photo of beloved one :)

Price: 1500 rub

Birchy gift from me to you :-)
I'll bring it personally :-)
Delivery expenses covered by the recipient :-)

Price: 10 000 rub
Березовые блокнотики
Birchy Notebooks

Don't forget to write down all your goals and dreams)
They will come true for sure as the are well kept in the wonderful birchy notebooks

Price: 400 rub
Birch it
Birch it

Unique T-shirt with the competition winner slogan.
2 options both for girls and boys

Price: 600 rub
WOODYвительный мир!
WOODYfull World!

Become a part of our WOODYfull World! 2 options both for girls and boys.

Price: 600 rub

People's choice!) Our FB subscribers pick up Magic! ))

Price: 600 rub
Everything will be WOODY

Unique, special, funny design for boys ) Available in three colors: White, Black, Green

Price: 600 rub
Juicy IT IS!

Unique, special, funny design for girls) Available in three colors: White, Black, Green!

Price: 600 rub
Выжму все соки!
Will make you JUICY!

The favorite pick up by the project muse! Purely Girlish design!

Price: 600 rub
Натуральный березовый сок
Pure Birch juice

Price: 50 Rub\pcs


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